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Underground Power Cable Seam Waterproofing

Underground power cable seam waterproofing
1. Choose a special power cable waterproof connector, then wrap the connector with PVC waterproof tape, then put the connector into a special waterproof transfer box or stick it in a special mold.
2. Then fill the box with the prepared insulating glue, and finally pour the prepared resin, and it is ready after the resin solidifies.
3. Wires Power cables are wires that transmit electrical energy and electrical signals and realize electromagnetic energy conversion.
4. If there is a pipe within 1m before and after the cross in the power cable for protection or separated by a partition, the minimum allowable distance is 0.25m. Simple. Generally, there are wires in the middle and insulation on the outside. There are many layers of power cables from the core to the skin, partially protected by a metal mesh.
5. When the power cable is close to or crosses the heat pipe, if there are thermal insulation measures, the minimum distance between parallel and cross is 0.5m and 0.25m respectively. Power cables, also known as power cables, refer to power cables that transmit electrical energy, and control power cables refer to power cables that transmit various control signals. The power cable transmits continuous current, the voltage range is from 1KV to 220KV, the current is larger, and the 3-core, 4-core, and 5-core power cables have fewer wires.
6. When the power cable crosses the railway or road, it should be protected by pipeline, and the protection pipe should extend 2m from the track or road surface. A metal wire that conducts electricity. Available in various forms such as solid, twisted or braided foil, power cables can be classified into power cables, communication power cables and control power cables according to their use.
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