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Fault Prevention Measures for Power Cables

Fault Prevention Measures for Power Cables
Power cables are one of the essential materials for power transmission and are widely used in economical production. Once the cable fails, it will not only threaten the safe and stable operation of the power grid, but also cause economic losses to the enterprise. In severe cases, it will cause a chain damage reaction. Therefore, how to prevent the failure of power cables is a very important issue for everyone.
1. According to the actual situation, choose the appropriate power cable
The selection of power cables is a problem that cannot be ignored in the construction process. The first selection principle is excellent quality. The supplier's reputation should also be considered when choosing. In the case of good business reputation and cable quality and safety, try to ensure long-term cooperation to facilitate future construction. Secondly, the type and length of the cable should also be considered, which needs to be selected according to the actual situation of the construction site. In addition, considering the effect of temperature on the cable, it is necessary to choose a cable that is slightly longer than the actual required length to ensure its stability.
2.Be familiar with the construction environment before laying
Before laying 10kV power cables, construction personnel should be familiar with environmental issues, terrain, textures, etc. construction site. Special attention should be paid to the detection of soil quality. If the soil at the construction site is acidic or alkaline, the protective layer of the embedded power cable will be corroded. Over time, the protective layer will be destroyed and the cable will be exposed, causing all kinds of failures. In addition, during the laying process, do not perform brutal construction and protect the cables.
3. Strengthen project quality supervision
No matter how good the quality of the cable is, if the construction management is not good, it will play the same role as the poor quality cable. Therefore, project quality supervision is particularly important and needs to be paid enough attention. In order to master the construction quality, we must start with construction supervision, and it is necessary to carry out technical training and ability assessment for relevant construction personnel to ensure the quality of cable construction. It is necessary to strengthen the supervision of the construction site, strictly follow the plan and standardize the construction, and prevent the phenomenon of "speed is not quality". In the project acceptance, it must be strictly implemented. If it is found that it does not meet the requirements of the state, it shall be ordered to make rectification in a timely manner. Eliminate all safety hazards in the construction process as much as possible.
4. Pay attention to daily maintenance
In order to ensure the durability of the completed cable project, maintenance work must be done after construction. Signs must be set near the construction area, and random access to the ground is not allowed. Staff should also make regular inspections to check the status of power cables and solve problems in a timely manner.
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