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Precautions for Household Power Cable Installation

Precautions for household power cable installation
In home decoration, circuit engineering is the most important, and home circuit is a hidden project, which is related to people's future quality of life and living standards. Therefore, we must pay attention to circuit problems when decorating, so as not to leave safety hazards.
1. Use flame retardant power cables
There are too many household appliances in modern households, and the power cables are heavily loaded, which is easy to cause fire accidents. But in these aspects, flame retardant power cables can meet the needs of household electricity safety. At the same time, when a fire hazard occurs, the flame retardant power cable can effectively control the spread of the fire, avoid the flammable materials around the power cable and cause more losses, and also gain more time for people to evacuate the fire. At the scene of the fire, recover the loss of fire damage and reduce it to a minimum.
2. Use power cables of different colors
When laying, do a good job in the color classification of the household line, and the later maintenance will be much more convenient. The state stipulates that red, yellow, green and three primary colors represent the live wire, the zero wire is blue, and the ground wire is the yellow-green wire. In the future maintenance, electricians can distinguish the live wire and the neutral wire by the power cable and color, which is convenient for construction and is very important for household electricity.
3. Laying pipelines and casings
The power cable laying regulations stipulate that the power cable insulating sleeve must be used to protect the joint during laying, and the joint must not be exposed. Some irresponsible construction teams will directly bury the power cable in the wall without the protection of the casing. This treatment makes the power cable joints exposed and vulnerable to external force damage, thereby reducing the service life of the power cable and ruining people's lives.
Fourth, the national standard power cable
Not all ground wires meet national standards. Careless use of power cables with poor quality will not only cause current to flow to the ground, but also cause power cables to overload and catch fire, resulting in secondary accidents. Although power cables have brought great convenience to our lives, there are also many uncontrollable factors. The quality of the power cable directly affects the safety of the line. Losses are unpredictable, so it is necessary to fundamentally prevent power cable failures, minimize power cable accidents, and start from subtle points to achieve the goal of safe and stable power supply.
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