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Main classification of power cables


Graded by voltage  

According to voltage grade, it can be divided into medium and low voltage power cables (35 kv and below), high voltage cables (110 kv and above), ultra high voltage cables (275 ~ 800 kV) and ultra high voltage cables (1000 kV and above).  In addition, can also be divided into AC cable and DC cable according to the current system.  

According to insulation material  

1, oil-impregnated paper insulated power cable oil-impregnated paper insulated power cable.  It has the longest history of application.  It's safe, reliable, has a long life and is cheap.  The main disadvantage is that the laying is limited by the fall.  Since the development of non - drip impregnated paper insulation, solved the problem of drop limit, so that oil impregnated paper insulated cable can continue to be widely used.  

2. The insulation layer of plastic insulated power cable is extruded plastic power cable.  Commonly used plastics are polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, crosslinked polyethylene.  Plastic cable is simple in structure, convenient in manufacturing and processing, light in weight, convenient in laying and installation, and not limited by laying drop.  Therefore, it is widely used as medium and low voltage cable, and has the tendency to replace the viscous impregnated oil paper cable.  Its biggest disadvantage is the existence of dendritic breakdown phenomenon, which limits its use at higher voltages.  

3. The insulation layer of rubber insulated power cable is rubber plus various coordination agents. After full mixing, it is extruded on the conductive wire core and vulcanized by heating.  It is soft and elastic, suitable for frequent movement and small bending radius.  

Commonly used as insulating rubber materials are natural rubber - butadiene rubber mixture, ethylene propylene rubber, butyl rubber and so on.  

Graded by voltage  

1, low voltage cable: suitable for fixed laying in AC 50Hz, rated voltage 3KV and below the power transmission and distribution lines for transmission electricity.  

2, medium and low voltage cables: (generally refers to 35KV and below) : PVC insulated cable, PE insulated cable, xLPE insulated cable, etc.  

3, high voltage cable: (generally 110KV and above) : polyethylene cable and xLPE insulated cable, etc.  

4, ultra high voltage cable :(275 ~ 800KV).  

5, ultra high voltage cable :(1000KV and above). 

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