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Solutions to Cable Quality Problems

Solutions to Cable Quality Problems
1. The degree of cross-linking is unqualified (thermal extension)
When the degree of cross-linking does not meet the standard, the thermo-mechanical properties of the cable are unqualified and cannot meet the requirements of 90°C working temperature.
The reasons for the unqualified degree of crosslinking are that the formula is unqualified and the mixing ratio is not suitable. The formula should be adjusted to solve it. Second, the vulcanization process is improper, the pressure is low, the line speed is fast, and the cooling water level is high.
2. Unqualified structure and appearance
The thin thickness of the insulating layer is lower than the cable factory value specified in the standard, or the average thickness is lower than the nominal value. The reason for the unqualified insulation thickness is that the wire speed is fast, the extrusion volume is small, and the mold selection is improper.
Solution: Reduce line speed or extruder speed, adjust die size.
3. The reason for the cable out is electrical, and the mechanical system causes unstable traction speed. The two reasons are that the core is too small, or the outer diameter of the conductor is uneven. The elimination method is to check the mechanical, electrical system and troubleshoot. Adjust the core diameter appropriately to control the outer diameter of the suburb as evenly as possible.
4. Surface scratches
(1) The cable contacts the upper and lower walls of the vulcanized pipe or foreign objects. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the degree of suspension, try to make the core move in the middle of the cross-linked tube, and find and clean up foreign objects in time.
(2) The outer edge of the mold sleeve is burnt. The solution is to adjust the mold temperature to prevent the car from overheating when it starts. As soon as you notice coke, you should stop immediately, or it won't improve on its own.
5. Impurities
Most of the impurities in insulating and semi-insulating materials occur during the mixing and extrusion process. During operation, attention should be paid to cleaning materials to prevent impurities from mixing.
6. Foam
There can be two reasons for bubbles from insulation. One is caused by extrusion. The solution is to choose the right mold. The existence of air bubbles in the shielding layer is mainly due to the presence of water in the material, which should be dried before extrusion, and the second is insufficient cooling. This will make a bubble circle appear on the perimeter of the distance from the distance to the core. The elimination method is to strengthen the cooling, increase the water level, and reduce the cooling water temperature.
7. Unqualified cable performance
(1) Free discharge and unqualified dielectric loss
The reasons for unqualified free discharge and dielectric loss are very complex. Whether the insulating material contains air bubbles and impurities is closely related to the performance of the raw material. Elimination method: keep the raw materials clean and strictly follow the process requirements.
(2) Cable insulation breakdown

The main reason for the breakdown of cable insulation is that the insulation material is mixed with impurities and external damage. Due to strict avoidance and external damage, Beijing Chaoyang Cable Factory can avoid mixing of impurities, strictly control semi-finished products, and prevent tripping damage.

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