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Characteristics of Power Cable Lines

Characteristics of power cable lines
Power cables are cables with high-quality insulating materials wrapped from conductors and with various protective layers. Main Functions and Overhead Wires - Power Systems are used to distribute transmission and bulk electricity Unlike overhead lines, cables can be safely hidden from the outside air. Waiting for the interference of changes, less maintenance and strong durability. However, the structure of the power cord is more complex, requiring many sequences, and the price of the product is dozens of times more expensive than the overhead wire. Therefore, this does not apply to field benches using overhead lines such as urban distribution lines. The power of roads and industrial and mining enterprises was introduced into the factory trunk power lines. Cross rivers and railway stations, go through underground tunnels and more. Actual power consists of circuit overhead conductors and power cords. The focus of overhead conductors is the generation of the output, changing and distribution parts of the power supply, as well as the power lines.
(1) The underground packaging cable that does not occupy the ground space does not occupy the ground above the ground, and is generally not affected by the ground buildings.
(2) Install cables on directly buried cables, ditches and tunnels with high power reliability, which are not affected by severe weather conditions such as lightning, wind disaster, New Year, ice floes, etc. and external factors such as man-made faults, and have high power reliability.
(3) The cable line with low possibility of electric shock is laid underground. No matter what fault occurs, the part with electricity is in the grounding shield part, so as long as the trip is off, it will not hurt the person and is safe.
(4) The structure of the cable with a large dispersion capacitor is equivalent to a capacitor, and the invalid output is very large.
(5) The cable lines with small maintenance workload are underground, and the road surface should be observed regularly in general.
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