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Production of RVV Power Cable

Production of power cables
Power cable is an electrical product used for power transmission, information transmission and electromagnetic energy conversion. Power cables play an important role in all economic activities and social life. It can be said that power cables are indispensable to all economic activities such as people's lives, production, and transportation, so the quality of power cables directly affects our lives.
1. Purchase link
It is necessary to strictly control the quality of the whole process of raw material procurement, production, transportation and sales, strictly control the procurement of raw materials, and compare the quality, price, service and goods of suppliers. Taking high-quality and low-cost raw materials, we have a 10,000-ton oxygen-free copper rod production line, a wire drawing branch, a plastic branch, a rubber branch and continuous production capacity to provide guarantee for the production of high-quality and low-cost products.
2. Production link
Power cable manufacturing adopts special production equipment with industrial process characteristics to meet the structure and performance requirements of power cable products, and to meet the requirements of continuous and superimposed production methods and high-speed production as much as possible, thus forming a series of special equipment for cable manufacturing. Such as extruder series, wire drawing machine series, plying machine series, winding machine series, etc.
3. Inspection by the inspection department
In the production process, the income of production line employees is directly linked to product quality, and the job evaluation of the person in charge of the production line workshop is directly linked to product quality. Strict operating procedures and quality responsibility system have been established for each process. The quality inspection department should use advanced equipment and scientific testing methods to regularly inspect the products coming off the production line. After the inspector takes samples and measures, the team leader signs the record and informs the front-line production personnel that there are substandard products on the production line, and the on-duty personnel cannot leave their posts. For each batch of unstocked products, spot checks will be carried out, and technicians in the company's laboratory will use professional instruments to inspect the finished products in accordance with strict quality control rules.
4. Warehousing acceptance
The custodian should also check the wire diameter, length, sheath, insulation, adhesion and other aspects of the product when receiving the goods into the warehouse. If it is found that the product does not meet the national standards, it can refuse to enter the warehouse and ask the quality inspection department to re-inspect it.
Five, sales organization inspection
In line with the principle of not letting consumers suffer losses, before the goods enter the circulation link, the sales agency checks the arrival of the goods, and returns to the factory in time if the production is found to be unqualified or the packaging is damaged.
RVV Power Cable
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